Literally hundreds of modules looks like this:

On a daily basis, I touch a dozen different modules. It’s just easier to checkout the root of the project instead of each project separately. However, I get all of the “branches” and “tags” directories too. And there are hundreds of versions for many of these modules. And the list of modules, and their tags, is always growing. My “svn update” was beginning to take way too long.

Here is what I do:

find . -name branches -exec svn update --set-depth empty {} \;
find . -name tags -exec svn update --set-depth empty {} \;

I get at least 100 seconds back each week!

Oh, and if you happen to have a real directory called “tags” in your code that you would like to keep seeing updates on do this:

svn update --set-depth infinity mydirectory\WEB-INF\tags